Not just a plain Pumpkin soup

May 20, 2014
Roast pumpkin soup
When I think of winter I think of soup, pumpkin in particular. My Dad never cooked very often but when he did it was either seafood that he caught, or pumpkin soup from pumpkins he grew.  So with the days now getting shorter I thought I’d give this good ol’ pumpkin soup my own twist and a […] Read More

Day Tripping

May 13, 2014
Day trips are always fun and even better when you are driving with little more than a direction in mind. This is how we ended up exploring Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Read More


April 22, 2014
If there is a better way to spend a cool, sunny Autumn day in Victoria, we can't think of one. Although if you offer us chocolate, wine and cheese on any day, we would be very happy girls. Read More


April 15, 2014
Hazenut pudding
Before you think about making this, you need to forget your diet and live a little. This is the devil in a dessert. Rich chocolate, light and fluffy, warm and gooey, all in one little white ramekin. Read More


April 4, 2014
Do you have a Sunday night ritual? A routine that winds you down after a long busy week, or pumps you up so you can kick Monday morning in the behind? Read More

Curiosity in Japan: Kōki-shin. Part II: Kyoto

March 28, 2014
Once we arrived in Kyoto and found our accommodation, which was nestled in a tiny lane way, we decided to take a stroll and acquaint ourselves with our surroundings. In my opinion this is one of the prettiest cities in the world. Read More

Moogoo: Not just for tricky skin

March 24, 2014
Moogoo Not Just for Tricky Skin
I'm lucky enough to be the owner of fairly normal, generally happy skin (touch wood), so when I first heard about MooGoo, I put them in the 'tricky skin' basket..... Read More