Day Tripping

Day trips are always fun and even better when you are driving with little more than a direction in mind. This is how we ended up exploring Mt Tamborine in the Gold Coast Hinterlands, finding a gorgeous rocky creek with brilliant swimming holes, cellar doors and meeting a few friends of the equine and canine kind.

The short walking track led to the first of many cascading swimming holes.  The further we scrambled down the creek, the quieter and more peaceful it became in the valley. We kept a keen eye for eels in the creek, apparently these scaly little guys are shy.  We didn’t even spot one.

Next decision to conquer. Choosing a walking trail. This was the hard part, they are all bound to be gorgeous. The short options was the winner. The Knoll at 2.6km.  Nice and easy. We played Tarzan and found a pretty lookout (once again going off path and into the wilderness).

Walk to the lookout

The lookout

Making our way across the mountain range we found the wineries (wineries seem to be becoming common ground for the TPB’s team). Red wine, just what we need to warm the body as the temperature plummets as the altitude rises.

Down one of the country roads we made what was meant to be a quick stop to pat the horses. I also had a chance to take a selfie with the horse I fell in love with. Look how friendly there were.

Horses on the country road

With these ticked off we pulled ourselves away from the horses (I had to be pulled away) and headed to an open fireplace and spectacular views.  St Bernard’s Hotel is a gorgeous historic pub perched on the side of the mountain, overlooking the valley down to the Gold Coast. This place is normally on my mind when I think of Mt Tamborine and I have to say these views are the best on the mountain. Here we met the local celebrity, a super sweet St Bernard named Leo. If you visit this place make sure you have time to walk through the gardens and to the small waterfall.  After a pint of dark ale and a snack in front of the fire on the cosy couches, we started our drive back down the mountain for dinner to finish off our lovely day at a little country style pub, The Bearded Dragon.


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  • Stacy Curran

    Looks like a lovely day!

  • Suzanne || Two Pretty Birds

    Hi Stacy, This was a really fun day. I love not having a plan. If you liked this, my post titled ‘Late summer sun in Queensland’ is pretty much at the base of this mountain range on the coast. Its such a beautiful part of the world.

    Suzanne Xx

  • Emily Leung

    Wow the view looks amazing! I’ve just gotten into hikes this break, and I can’t wait to go on more! Such a great wait to catch up with friends and get some fun exercise :-) Cute dog!

    Emily //