5 Essential Winter Skincare Tips for Men


Even though men typically have thicker facial skin than women, the harsh winter months can take their toll on a man’s skin. Many men notice that their skin becomes excessively dry, flaky, inflamed and irritated during the winter season. A lack of moisture in the air and using the wrong skincare products are two reasons why a man’s facial skin can look dull or start to break out regularly. Shaving and taking hot showers can also wreak havoc on the skin during the winter season. Fortunately, there are some ways to protect skin from the elements and keep it healthy and smooth.

Here are five essential winter skincare tips for men:

1. Keep skin hydrated with a quality moisturizer with the use of  derma roller amazon . Many men skip the moisturizer step after shaving because post-shave oil contains some moisturizing ingredients. The winter season calls for a little extra help in the moisture department, so men need to use a quality moisturizer after the shaving routine. It’s also a good idea to apply a thin layer of moisturizer to the skin right before bed time.

2. Avoid washing the face with hot water. If you enjoy taking hot showers and tend to use your cleanser while you shower, this is the season to break out of the habit. You can still take a hot shower but avoid washing your face during your shower session. Cleanse your face using lukewarm water either before or after your shower so that skin doesn’t dry out.

3. Use a deep cleansing mask at least once per week. Men tend to have oilier skin than women so it’s important to clear out the dirt and grime embedded in the pores regularly. Men with facial hair need to be especially diligent about cleansing their face thoroughly each week. Use a deep cleansing or deep pore refining mask at least once per week to purge out toxins and keep skin healthy and smooth this winter.

4. Use glycolic acid pads to improve the complexion. Glycolic acid is among the harsher toning agents available for the skin, but most men can tolerate it fairly well. Using glycolic acid pads after cleansing will tighten the pores, prevent ingrown hairs and keep the skin fresh and clear of bacteria. Glycolic acid pads can also promote the natural exfoliation process, so the skin will shed dead cells faster.

5. Cleanse with a moisture-infused cleanser. Cleansing the skin every day is essential for good skin health, and men can benefit from a moisture-infused cleanser during the winter months. Look for facial moisturizers that contain Vitamin E, natural oils and other moisturizing ingredients that will nourish and protect the skin while clearing the pores of buildup. These cleansers can help to keep skin looking smooth and healthy, and also protect skin damage from the harsh winter air.

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