A Gift Each Year

So, my husband and I are deciding to buy each other gifts this year. We sometimes just decide to go on some kind of trip or something like that, or decide to go in on an investment in the house or the family, but this year we have decided that we have enough disposable income, and no urgent needs, and that it would be nice to buy each other a special thing or two, which we have not done for so long, but used to be a very important part of our relationship. I think that the gifts that you buy for someone shows a lot about what you think of them, and how much you know about them, and I used to love buying my husband gifts. I’m very glad that I will have the chance to do this again.

I don’t know what to buy him though, I’m deciding between a few very different things. For one, I’ve been thinking about maybe buying him some camping gear. I was browsing around on the website called Survival Cooking which is actually a very good website with incredibly well-written reviews about all sorts of outdoor products, and I thought there were some really good suggestions as far as tents and coolers, stoves and grills, and all sorts of other things like tumblers even.

However, I was also looking at wrist watches. I think that by my husband watch would be a really cool idea and it’s not something that you would expect from me, but I’ve seen the way that he gets excited about the watches that other men wear sometimes, and I think that, even if he wouldn’t realize it, he would also be very proud to have a really beautiful watch to wear for special occasions, and then he might actually be able to come close to catching up to me in terms of looking great at formal events. So I’m looking at the best watches under 500.





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