City Driving Made Easy

I am a city girl. I have lived in the city since I was born. I grew up here, made friends, attended school, and is working in the city. One thing that I have observed for a long time now is how the roads have changed through times. Because of the endless sprouting of vehicles today that are affordable, many can now get the model and type they wanted without breaking their pockets. But honestly for me, buying a car is not a priority. I mean, if you are working in the city, and if you need not to carry many things everyday when you go to work, I do not understand the need to have a large vehicle that can pretty add up to the growing dilemma on city traffic.

That is why I am an advocate of walking. I usually walk to work before when our office is just two blocks away. Not only does it serve as an exercise for me every day, it is also a way for me to save. But recently, our office transferred to another district, but still within the city. Good thing I was introduced to Unu Motors’ electric scooters (or elektrische scooter). They really are awesome. I can drive without being stuck in the traffic. Their electric motors are also eco-friendly. It does not have any noise. It has a portable battery you can carry around. You can even charge whenever and wherever. As long as you have an outlet that is.

What’s more amazing about Unu Motors is that delivers everything in one box. It also comes with a free helmet! How cool is that! I really love how they prioritise their customers by giving them quality product that is affordable while simultaneously showing the world that they care for it through its eco-friendly features.

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