Gifts and giving love

I fully endorse Juju supply, what they do, and how they do it. This is something I’ve been on both sides of in the past, and can be a very upsetting experience sent more than just a surface level. It can be very frustrating and upsetting, for all parties involved. So, what’s my advice, it’s easy. My advice is so simple, it’s just go to Juju and find the type of healing tool that you are looking to give someone. It’s perfect for gift ideas. You don’t even need a very specific idea going in, because every single item that they sell has a comprehensive description about it what exactly it helps with, and things like that. Which, for someone like me, is very helpful. I believe in this stuff, I have no reason not to period and comma although I do believe in this at a high level, I do not think that it is worth contributing to an anyway other than supporting the existing resources, because it is so far out of my realm of knowledge. When some stores and businesses and companies are already doing it so well, I feel that my only role is to point people in that direction, and to give those gifts to the people I need I know who need them. I love this role to. This is not an arduous task for someone like me, this is where I thrive, and this is the kind of thing that fills my life with meeting.

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