Ideas For A DIY Party At Home

Are you the type of person who loves planning parties for your loved ones? Or a you a party planner by profession?

Check out these ideas from our guest Sarah Olivar about basic party planning ideas at home.

  1. Get Creative

You have to know how be creative. When you DIY, you need to think out of the box, get cheap but quality resources, better if you make your own, and think of ideas that have not been used already. You need to know what the client wants, get his ideas about how he wanted his party to be and his expectations. Discuss how you can go about the plan.

  1. Invest

If you love having parties at home, invest on party materials. Have tables and chairs (we recommend Adirondack chairs for BBQ and garden themed parties), and have booths where you can have DIY activities. You may want to have a DJ booth, a photo booth, artsy booth, and a dessert area.

  1. Plan Ahead

A great party comes with great party planning. Know you budget and work on it. You may want to outsource and contact suppliers. Check out their prices and know the quality of your services. Also you can ask your friends to help you. You might have a friend who knows how to face paint, or have great photography skills, or if they know how to do magic tricks, ask for their service and if they can give you discounts. If not, you can opt for ex-deals. They can display their brand names where your attendees can see them, this is a good way to promote their business too. In return, give out their calling cards to attendees. You should also plan your giveaways. Will it be a box of cookies you baked? A nice kitchen ware? A hat? Something to eat? A key chain or a frame? Get creative and make your giveaways. It does not only bring out your inner artist, it also saves you a lot of money. You can make DIY frames, DIY mugs, a cake jar, a pair of crochets you knit yourself, or even a nice thankyou card. Everything will be appreciated by the attendee as long as it came from your heart. After they attended, say thankyou and give them giveaways.

  1. Food

Plan on the food too. Dedicate time to plan what you will serve. If possible, you get a caterer and have food tasting. If you want to cook you own food, make sure you have assistant to help. You do not want to get cramped on cooking that you forget to enjoy the party. Have a menu and think about the preferred food of your attendees. Check if they have allergies or if they do not eat meat. Offer a variety of food they can choose from and do not limit it.

We hope this list has helped you one way or another in planning your next at home party. We encourage you to always think out of the box and always enjoy party planning just as we also enjoy writing this article.

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