Immeasurable value of Amazon


I’m really interested in Amazon Prime. So, I Googled the other day how much is amazon prime canada? I was super amazed and shocked by the price. $80 a year. What do you think? Do you think that’s too much or too little. In consideration, at different times, I’ve thought both. At the first mention of $80 a year, I thought about it, and I realize that I thought that that was a lot. I mean $80 a year is not a small expense, so when you hear it, you start to think oh maybe I wish that was a little bit cheaper. But, when you start to consider the immense amount that that $80 can cover, and the fact that if you order 20 items a year from Amazon, the shipping will be free, and you will cover that $80, and then you if you also look at what the monthly fee on Netflix is, and the fact that Amazon Prime is coming up, quicker and quicker, with service that is very akin to Netflix and almost as good, and sometimes even better in regards to some specific programs, like American Gods, then you start to realize that Amazon Prime Canada might actually be a very good deal, and might also be offering an immense amount of value. This is a big deal, to me, and I think it’s becoming a bigger deal to more Canadians, as they are learning more and more about it. You’re my opinion, there are very few websites that are as valuable as Amazon Prime, and you also do have to acknowledge that the fact that some of the negative opinion of Amazon Prime is Canada’s just that it doesn’t quite compete with Amazon Prime America, yet however, it’s on its way, and there are some really interesting services that have come over to Canadian Amazon Prime since this distinction was originally made.


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