IPond Aquarium Lacks Adequate Space for Fish to Live


There has been a large negative reaction towards the iPond aquarium product that was released earlier last year. The iPond is a cleverly designed miniature aquarium that was created to look similar to an actual iPod. You will notice that iPond is similar in both the design and size of the iPod. It is the size of the iPond that has animal activists up in arms. They feel that the iPond does not provide enough adequate space for a fish to live. However, the iPonds continue to be sold at pet stores throughout Australia.
The iPond is a miniature aquarium that is actually a portable speaker with a built-in fish-tank and immersive sound. You can hook up the speaker to several different types of portable devices. This includes iPods, Zunes, and other MP3 related players. Melbourne Aquarium officials feel as if the iPond aquarium does not provide enough space for a fish to properly live. They make this statement because the iPond is a tank that is only 650 milliliters big. The Betta fish sold with the aquarium need a 10 liter tank to obtain the proper amount of oxygen and to swim. You can see why officials are very upset.

There is also news that the acoustic sound delivered from the speakers could also be harmful to the fish. The fact that the speaker is built into the bottom of the iPond makes the matter even worse. Vibrations from the speaker can travel into the fish tank and create another potential hazardous living condition for the fish. Experts have studies situations like this before and feel as if the company making the iPond is not being fair to the fish. A quick glimpse at a Betta fish in the iPond is enough to make you feel bad for them.

Consumers are throwing down nearly $60 dollars USD to own one of these aquarium tanks. It is quite appalling that anyone would want to own one of these. The Betta Fish almost looks like a fake fish when looking at the product. Both the front and back of the fish are mere centimeters away from actually touching the tank. This leaves barely any room for the fish to ever move. They are forced to live in tight conditions that any of us would complain about ourselves. The product is something that deserves the negative criticism that it is receiving.

Australian officials are looking into the product to see how unjust it actually might be. It is unknown at this time if the manufacturers for the product are breaking any animal rights by creating the iPond. The next couple of weeks shall show us if the product is going to remain be sold or not. Some pet shops have already reacted towards the negative feedback and pulled the item from in stock. Keep yourself posted here for the latest developments.


Information received via friend staying in Australia.

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