Myka’s Current Favorite: Finding Stock Photos

You know, I am obviously super happy that my sister and I decided to Embark upon this project and write this blog together. It’s kind of amazing. It just came together so organically and it has been such a good process so far, and we’ve been getting amazing feedback from all kinds of other writers and readers. Friends and family members are really glad we’ve started it, and it just shows how beautiful life is and how important it is to be vulnerable and share your experiences with other people.

With this in mind, it’s obviously been a positive experience. Writing for a Blog is kind of amazing in a lot of different ways. I think it’s so special to be doing something like this with somebody I care so much about. But, ever since we began Two Pretty Birds, we have also learned a lot about running a Blog, and some of the more tedious aspects that happen behind the scenes.


I’m not trying to complain, and I know that this is all a choice, and it’s one that I’m very grateful to have made. But, one of the most annoying parts of running a Blog, is not writing. In fact, it has nothing to do with writing at all. It actually has to do with finding an image to associate with your post. You see, once you publish a post, if you don’t have an image it is much harder to get people’s attention with the post when it is shared on Facebook timelines and other things like that. So, there are websites dedicated to stock photography. We were really frustrated for a first you post because, well, most of these stock photography sites are very very bad. The photos are not very good and there is a lack of quality that runs throughout the entire design and functionality of the website.

Then, we found EyeEm and now we’re super happy with this part of the process. We have been able to find images that perfectly associate with our post, and the most tedious part of the process has become one of our very favorites. So if you need Stock Photos , we absolutely suggest using EyeEm every single time. So far, we have been the opposite of disappointed.

So grateful that online friends like this website come along and make our journey more special. It’s all about connecting with the things that make life better.

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