Niche Technology Breakthrough: WiFi Baby Monitors

So, I’m someone who’s very interested in technology. I love technology and I’m constantly Amazed by the new technological breakthroughs that are happening and all sorts of fields. What I’m starting to pay more attention to though, is technology outside of the realm of just iPhones, tablets, cameras, and computers. Don’t get me wrong, I think that technology that uses these things is still interesting, but I’d like to see how it integrates with more specific purposes.

For example, I was very interested in this new piece of technology called the Comfort Cam, which is a WiFi baby monitor. Like I said, I’m not knocking all of those other forms of technology, because the Comfort Cam manages to include a lot of them. You see, how it works, is that you put a camera, the product itself, on the crib of your baby. This is typical for baby monitors, of course, but here’s where it gets interesting. The camera uses Wi-Fi to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

So, you can just load up an app on your mobile device of Choice, by pressing a single button, and you will be brought directly to the feed of your baby in the crib. So, this is just like a way more efficient way of creating a baby monitor. You don’t need all these different pieces. You need this one camera, and to download an app on a piece of technology that you already have, and the magic is done with wireless internet. Isn’t this incredible? I think that this is what is really starting to entrust me with technology.

Is when it is applied to these really specific types of markets and niches which can probably bring all sorts of profit. If this product is marketed in a way that is as Innovative as the product is, itself, this will catch on with mothers all over the world.

I think people are done with the old type of technology that doesn’t integrate to the internet and convenience in such a way. People are waiting for exactly this kind of solution in all sorts of fields. So, I think that from now on on this blog I am sometimes going to focus on this type of Technology. Niche technology that really has a chance of catching on and getting off.

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