Smartphones and iPhone users love camera filters

Trust me, I believe that amateurism is totally necessary for the advancement of any field. Have a great class of amateurs bubbling under the professionals is the fuel that the professionals need to stay ahead of the curve. It’s really simple, in a lot of ways, but of course the people that want to be complacent and lazy and remain there, at the top, do not want the consequences of this type of thing to take over for them. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it makes sense to them, and that makes sense to me. But it only makes sense to me in that it doesn’t make sense, and that I don’t think that this type of person is sensible. Does that make sense? I think that it probably does, but I know that sometimes I can be a little out there with these types of ideas. Anyway, I even use Photo filter apps and photo editing on my smartphone, and I find it to be a totally respectable way to create images. Not only does the photographer still have to take the picture, which is one of the most difficult things to achieve, is a consistent eye for what other people will believe to be a good photo, but, I believe that there is nothing less valid about doing that with a smartphone, in comparison to photographs that are taken with a camera or DSLR, or anything like that. I really don’t think that there is anything less respectable, as long as the image at the end is a legitimate image. If the ends justify the means, then the ends justify the means. Use a smartphone, use a photo filter app, edit the heck out of the photo! Do what you have to do! Just do it!

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