Three Amazing Things About Having A Sister


Having a sister can be so annoying at time. But despite this, we will never deny how having one can be such a blessing. I listed down three things I love about having a sister–Linette.

You not only have a sister but a best friend too

You are each other’s confidant. Be it about school, relationships, dating, or family life, your sister will always be there to help you. She is also the one who taught me a lot of things. From putting on make-up, how to use Google Sheets, and even how to use a website builder. Everything she taught was really amazing. Though Myka is always secretive, I still feel the need to share everything about me because she’s my sister. It’s also nice to hear advises from her. I get to have a different perspective.

You can share clothes

Having a sister also means you also get to share clothes. While many sisters say it’s annoying, it is still inevitable as chances are, you are sharing the same closet as hers. Myka got angry when she saw I was wearing her favorite shirt. She said she will be wearing it in a date with Todd. Another time was when she was with her blogger friend that she saw me wearing her skirt. But yeah, she wasn’t able to and ended up wearing an old blouse because I wore it the day before their date night. She got mad, of course, but her fury didn’t really last that long. Of course I’ll get angry too if that happens to me!

You get keep secrets all by yourself without your parents’ knowing!

I am the naughtier sister. And sometimes when I get into troubles I wouldn’t be saying anything to my parents. But since Myka knows almost all of my dongs, she just keeps her mouth shut because she knows I can handle them on my own.

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