Two Months Without Linette

Linette will having an internship out of the country for two months with her pal Sarah. As you all know, she studies fashion design and she is set to have an internship in a very posh magazine in Paris. As per her letter of confirmation she received, she will be part of the editorial and creative’s tram where she will help in making nice layouts for an upcoming issue.

She announced that she will be away over dinner last week. My father was happy for her but my mother expressed a sigh of concern. You see, this is the first time Linette will ne away from home and it is understandable that my mom will get worried. She then assured her that everything will be okay and has got things figured out. She said she will start looking for an apartment and will have to sort out all her clothes so she will make an impression for the magazine staff.

I was a bit concerned too, to be honest. Linette has not been away from me since we were young. We grew up doing the same things, except when we went to college because we realized we do not have the same interest. But really, I was sad to hear she’ll be away. Though it’s just for two months, this means I won’t be having someone bothering me in my room and annoying me with her crazy thoughts or just stealing away my clothes for two months.

I am sure she will be happy there and I know she will get to learn a lot. I just hope she’ll be good there and no one will try to hurt her.

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