Vancouver, Here I Come!

So, I won one of those totally random vacation trips. I was at a party and I had bought a lottery ticket, and it turns out that the results is going to send me all the way to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I think that is so interesting. I have never won one of those things, and an all-expenses-paid flights and accommodation deal seems a little too good to be true, but they insist that I won’t be spending anything other than my food and drink and any souvenirs I choose to pick up.

What’s there to lose? I started to do some research on Vancouver because of this trip, and I have found out that it’s actually a very interesting city with a lot of great stuff going on. One of the things I noticed Is that real estate is very very expensive. And it has been getting more and more expensive at extremely high rate over the last few years.

I went to the website of a Vancouver Realtor, and then followed some links, it explained what was going on, so that I got a fairly good idea. I just noticed that there were some average Burnaby condos for sale that we’re going at rates that, in other cities, the sort of luxury high-end condos usually go for. So, I thought that was interesting. Anyway, I’ve also always wanted to go see a professional hockey game so I think I’ll go. I know that might seem random, but my family loves hockey and I grew up watching it on TV. I always figured that if I went to Canada I would want to go see a hockey game. Now I’ll get the chance. Can you also imagine when I found out days ago there are Coal Harbour Condos for sale now? That’s another option to look into too and I my sister is also excited!

Does anybody else have any suggestions for how to spend time in Vancouver? I don’t have that many ideas. I think I’ll eat sushi, watch for its, and walk around. There’s a nice little area called Granville Island that is supposed to be very cute and full of good food and crafts.

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