Woman, Be Secured!

When we are on the road traveling, or even when we are just walking by the street, we get to attract people, especially men, who often catcalls us. Me and my sister experienced this once when we were in some streets in London. We were actually wearing clothes that are not too revealing and yet a group of men called us and said nasty things to us.

That was really horrifying for us, especially my sister because it was her first time. We just neglect it and we went on. But really, do we really have to face this really awkward situation every now and then? And what is worse is that men who do not even know us call like that and it’s really offensive.

Good thing I have stumbled upon some help in articles in websites and apps that teaches women on self defense. I mean, if we are being harassed, there is not wrong in defending ourselves right? This is also important while traveling.

Aside from possible harassments, women who travel face the risk of being mugged, being scammed, or worst, being raped or killed!

I saw this video where woman are given recommended apps for their safety travels and I know everyone of us should know this. I dowloaded these already and I have never regretted it. Also, women, who are target users of these apps, can download these in no time as they are so easy to search in the app store due to ASO (app store optimization) so there is no excuse not to check it out!

I have also seen this infographic for women safety while on the road. Hope this one helps!

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