Spring Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms



Spring decor and spring decorating should also include the kids’ rooms.

Kids can outgrow “theme” rooms in a matter of months. They can be just as easily influenced by what their friends like or dislike. That Bratz theme or Yu-Gi-Oh theme decor may just seem wrong to them now, after they begged and begged for matching rugs, bedding and curtains in the theme.

Parents cannot keep kids from outgrowing decor themes any more easily than they can keep them from outgrowing their clothes. Instead of selecting a new theme once or twice a year, this spring update the kids’ rooms with organizational and educational items that grow with their tastes.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms: Organize, Organize, Organize

Nothing gives a kids’ room a fresh spring look more than organization. Use a tall bookshelf to organize everything from books to nicknames, stuffed animals and even souvenirs.

Line alternating or random shelves with different sizes of photo boxes or archival boxes for cards and photos, or even drawing items. Use open canvas or plastic bins on bottom shelves to neatly contain favorite toys.

Include the kids’ favorite books, and buy a couple of new ones that are above their current reading level.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms: Walls

Update the paint color on the walls if they need paining or a serious update. Choose a fresh, neutral color that can grow with the girl or boy.

Also, kids may enjoy a new creativity area on the wall. Instead of chalkboard paint, or even a space-taking chalkboard, try vinyl chalkboard circles from Wall Candy Arts. They promise not to damage the walls when removed.

Instead of any theme or character artwork on walls, do something different. Create some art with the kids, or start a photo gallery in their room of some of their favorite photographs of family members.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms: Floors

Give smaller children an even more comfortable floor playing space by buying a new rug for the room.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms: Bedding

If they still have a Barney or Little Mermaid bed set, your kids are secretly begging you to buy some new bed sets. Select new bedding that is subtle in color, and can be updated in the future with new accessories or pillowcases. A reversible comforter offers extra opportunity for decor changes.

Spring Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms: Unconventional Uses of Space

Does a boy have a bunk bed in his room but only the top bed gets used? Turn the bottom bunk into a hideout, complete with curtained walls. Or, does a boy or girl have access to an extra closet that is not being used? Turn it into a special library or place for listening to music. Add shelving, paint it, and add proper lighting and seating.

The best part of redecorating a kids’ room for spring is that they can get involved in the color and decorating choices. The promise of new digs also can get kids motivated to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

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