VPNSwap.com Review

VPNswap.com is a third party reseller that provides VPN services in the UK. It can be a good source of information when choosing a company to use, so we are going to take a look at what makes it different from other VPN resellers.

One of the things we have noticed with VPNSwap.com is that they offer unlimited bandwidth. While this can be an attractive feature when it comes to security and flexibility, some VPN resellers do not offer the same option, as they may only offer a small amount of bandwidth in exchange for a higher price.

However, even with that being said, this is still a good reseller, as the service is secure and they offer a cheap price. Another great thing about this reseller is that they offer a one year guarantee on their VPN services. This is always a nice feature and comes in handy if you need a replacement for your services immediately.

One thing we like about VPNSwap.com is that they offer great prices to different users. You don’t have to be a top VIP for the lowest prices.

There is also the option to purchase one time only VPN subscriptions, as they are known as “Private Internet Access” subscriptions. You can choose the number of connections you want and pay for them in one step. They are ideal for when you don’t need a large amount of bandwidth but are only using a VPN on a single computer or device.

You can also get one-time purchase of VPN “Virtual Private Networks”. These are much more expensive than their single-use counterparts, but they are more secure connections. These are great for use in school environments where the network is off limits to students.

We know that many VPNs providers have experienced problems with customer support over the past year or so. It’s understandable that these VPN resellers can have a lot of problems that they have to work through. So, we are glad to see that many of the VPNs resellers have realized this and have started to make additional VPN reseller websites that have customer support, so you can contact them if there is any problems.

They also offer a refund policy, which we are glad to see. Many VPN resellers don’t offer this and it’s nice to know you can make a bad choice and have it refunded easily.

In terms of pricing, the cost of the subscription is relatively high, however, when you consider that you will only use a single VPN connection on one device, it really isn’t as bad as you may think. Many VPNs resellers will tell you that you will get much more use out of a single connection when you are using multiple devices, such as your desktop and laptop. VPNSwap.com offers a 2 year subscription for around $100, which is a great price.

We also found that they offer great reviews and a good reputation on forums. When you read reviews, you will notice that many people are happy with the service and for a good price. VPNSwap.com is a well established VPN reseller and they offer great service and good customer service.

The customer service is another thing that makes this reseller stand out from the rest of the VPN resellers. A representative will be there when you need them and can help you out in any way that they can.

Overall, we think that VPNSwap.com is a good VPN reseller, especially with all of the above mentioned features and benefits. If you want the best VPN service in the UK, this is definitely a site that you should consider checking out.